The Red Box is coming!


The Red Box is coming!

We have all seen the commercials of the helicopter dropping the big red Reebok CrossFit box all over different parts of the world. Well, tadalafil now it is Houston’s turn to get a visit from what may one day be a trademark in CrossFit.

This Saturday June 16th at Luke’s Locker downtown, we will be hosting free workouts open to the community so those who have never done CrossFit can get a chance to experience what it is we all love. Of course, veterans are welcome too. Come out and support the organization that has probably changed your life, and help introduce others in Houston to a community that could change their lives one day as well.

Your coaches will be helping Reebok CrossFit run these free workouts please come participate or support. Hope to see everyone there.

Luke’s Locker & Reebok CrossFit WODs

Saturday, June 16th

@ Luke’s Locker on

1953 West Gray Street, Houston, TX 77019

8am, 9am, 11am & 2pm

**open to the public