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This means each athlete receives personal attention from their coach every time they step into the gym. CrossFit Point Break is truly all of the benefits of personal training at half the cost! And by working out with a group of people you will find yourself push harder than ever before, challenge yourself, and achieve goals you previously thought you couldn’t. We are dedicated to YOU.

Resources Available to You
  • Monthly Nutrition Meetings
  • Free Body Compositions
  • Goal Setting
  • Social Events – Happy Hours, Holiday Parties, Community Outings and more!
  • Challenges & competitions open only to members
  • Unlimited access to your coach


CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement, the goal is to improve fitness and therefore general physical preparedness. You will not see any “machines” in our gyms other than a Concept 2 Rower.


42 Day Challenge



CrossFit Point Break Kids

Point Break Kids is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit, it is CrossFit geared and designed for the specific developmental needs of kids!

Point Break Barbell

CrossFit Point Break provides Competitor training to those athletes who want to compete in events of all sizes ranging from local competitions to the CrossFit Open and finally CrossFit Regionals or Games.

Sports Specific Training

Is the number one sports performance program in the area. If you are a athlete of any age and looking to bridge the gap from the playing field to the weight room then this is the program for you.


CrossFit Point Break’s Cardio/Boot Camp Class is a high-intensity class structured differently from our CrossFit classes with the primary focus being metabolic conditioning workouts..

Online Fit

This membership is used for anyone who follows us and love our programing all over the world. With this membership you will be receiving daily workouts from 2 different program types.

Nutritional Coaching


Personal Training

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