Annual CFPB Christmas Party & Giving Tree!!!!!


Annual CFPB Christmas Party & Giving Tree!!!!!

CFPB Chritmas Party will be held on Friday Night December 14th at 8PM… Remember to BYOB and get ready for the CENTURY WOD…. If this your first year you are in for a treat. Sign up sheet is at the box, please let us know what kind of food your are bringing and get ready to have a blast. Also all the info for the Family we have adopted is below so please bring your gift to the party so we can make this family the best Christmas ever…. Hope to see everyone there?

Its’ that time of year again folks where we give back to our community!!!!

Okay everyone here is all the info about the Giving Tree Family we have adopted:

Giving Tree Need #2575

Need Description:

I am nominating this very loving family of eight. They have been struggling this year. Ashley and her husband have 6 children 3 girls and 3 boys. Ages of girls are 4, 6, and 2 months and the boys ages are 4, 8, and 9. Her husband is the only one working and after all the bil

ls they have no money left. She has been very stressed trying to figure out how the children can have a gift at Christmas or if they will even have a Christmas dinner. Any help would be a real blessing for this family.

Anything will be appreciated. Food clothing, Gifts for kids. Also if possible diapers for their 2 month old baby.

•Baby Items

Baby- 3month (girl) cloths- 3-6 months Diapers size 2
Jonah- 4yrs (boy) cloths size 6 Shoe size 11
Kathline- 4yrs (girl) cloths size 6 Shoe size 6
Eithan- 7yrs (boy) cloths- shirt size 10, pants size 8, shoe size 3
David- 9yrs (boy) cloths- shirt size 10, pant size 8, shoe size 3
Zoe- 6yrs (girl) cloths- shirt size 8, pant size 8, shoe size 1

They also need help with Christmas dinner groceries.

As for toys: Leap Pad games, Batman stuff, Princess, Cars, Nurff Stuff, Barbies, and Girl and Boy Legos

Please let us know who you are buying for so we all dont buy for one child (leave a comment or message me if you would like to remain anonymous). I am working on a date for delivering all the presents right now. You can bring your gift to the box and we will put it under the tree untill we go and bring everything to the family or keep it at your house it is up to you. Thank you in advance for all who will be a blessing to this family. 🙂