Traveling CrossFitter!


Traveling CrossFitter!


Being out of town is no excuse for missing a WOD!

 Charlie Lafkoff has visited Crossfit boxes on the west coast, pills east coast, Korea, and most recently South Africa. Charlie has been crossfitting for a year and half and is part of the M-F 9:15 AM class. Charlie puts in extra work and gives every once he can in every WOD. Keep up the hard work Charlie, good luck in the rest of the Open.

 Charlie completed workout 12.2 last Friday at Cape CrossFit in Cape Town. This is the second time he has completed a CrossFit Games workout there; he did the same last year for the 2011 Games.  Many thanks to Jobst Olschewski who runs Cape Crossfit for validating Charlie’s score.

 “I’ve never had a problem scheduling a workout anywhere I’ve visited.  The key is to send a brief email asking if a drop-in is OK along a one sentence description of your CrossFit ability”.

 Make sure to visit Cape Crossfit and Jobst if you are in their neighborhood!