Finding Purpose!


Finding Purpose!


Posted By Andy Petranek!

Next week marks the start of the CrossFit Games Open season… six WODs over six weeks… a world-wide fitness competition, searching for the fittest man and woman on earth. I know for most of us, the CrossFit Games are completely out of reach… you’re not going, and neither am I. So why are these competitions so important for us?

Why is the school play important for a 4th grader? And what about the piano recital? How about that audition for choir, or the try outs for cheerleading? What about taking a test, or the SATs? And what about the millions of kids playing sports growing up… who have competitions every week, month and year… most of whom don’t win, and will never go to the Olympics? Do you remember what it was like growing up… when you had to put it all on the line… risk failing, being embarrassed, getting it wrong, making a mistake?

Without the chance of failure, there can be no success. Without risk, reward is non-existant. And without an event toward which you can focus your training and efforts, purpose is lacking. You see, the outcome of the CrossFit Games competitions or of a CFLA Challenge makes no difference… the purpose of these events for most of us is to give us a practice field… a place, date and time for us to put ourselves at risk. That is a skill, like a handstand, that only comes with hours of practice, and requires commitment and dedication to show up, in spite of the discomfort.

So join me… next week… I’ll be there. Will you?

Registration is now open for sectionals.

Go to 2011 CrossFit Games website to register. 

CFPB will be hosting the sectional WOD’s every Thursday and Saturday for all clients interested.

If your interested please talk to me in the gym.

Can’t wait to see everyone compete!